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How do you hang an old door on a wall?

Position a heavy-duty, three-nail picture hanger so that the center nail hole is centered on the mark on the wall. Secure the hanger to the wall with the provided nails. Hang the door on the wall, hooking the picture wire over the wall hanger.

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Also, how do I cover an old door?

Curtains are a cheap and easy way to cover an old doorway and can add a dash of color or texture. Curtains can be opened should you need to use the door and they're also easy to clean. If curtains don't appeal to you but you want the texture that fabric provides, consider hanging a rug over the doorway.

Beside above, how do you hang a door that's not Prehung? Screw the hinges to the door using one three-quarter-inch screw for each hole. Hold the door up at a 90-degree angle to the opening. Swing the hinge plates over and move the door up or down, left and right until the hinge plates on the door match the hinge cutouts on the jambs.

Furthermore, can you hang a door without a frame?

Hanging interior door with no frame. You should take off the drywall. It isn't possible to get a good solid hold with the hinges when there is a compressable material [drywall] in between the hinge and the stud. Then install the door/hinges thru that, add door stop and casing.

How do you cover an unwanted door?

  1. Storage. A bookcase can effectively hide a door in a room while also giving you extra storage space and visual interest.
  2. Screens. Often closet doors or doors that adjoin another room are used infrequently, but closing them off entirely isn't an option.
  3. Curtains.
  4. Rugs and Quilts.

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