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How do you keep Bacopa blooming?

Growing Bacopa plants is most easily done in containers. This allows for the consistent moisture necessary to avoid the interruption of flowering. Use Bacopa trailing annual as a filler plant in mixed containers and hanging baskets. Grow Bacopa trailing annual in a full sun to part shade location.

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Accordingly, how do I get my Bacopa to bloom?

Bacopa Growing Instructions This plant suffers in dry soil so water every day when summer temperatures soar. If allowed to dry out, bacopa will stop blooming and it will take a week or two for it to send out a new crop of flowers. Feed bacopa with a dilute solution of liquid fertilizer at 7 to ten day intervals.

Also, how do you look after a Bacopa plant? For bacopa grown in pots, containers or garden boxes, water regularly as soon as the soil has dried up. Avoid having water stagnate in the saucer because roots detest excess moisture. In summer, feel free to mulch the ground to keep the soil cool and save on water.

Accordingly, do you deadhead Bacopa?

One major plus to the rapid growth is that they bury their dead, so there is no need to deadhead old spent blooms. If bacopa dries out even for just a day or two, the plants stop blooming.

Is Bacopa an annual or perennial?

Masses of small, 5-petaled flowers cover bacopa in summer and fall on plants that reach 3 – 6 inches high. Grown as a perennial in zones 9 – 11, bacopa is grown as a annual n in zone 8 gardens and below. Flowering most frequently occurs when temperatures range between 50 – 85 degrees.

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