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How do you make a railroad tie stairs?

Cut three railroad ties for the first step, making one tie equal to the desired width for the stairs and two ties twice as long as the desired depth for each stair tread. The treads should measure about 1 to 2 feet deep to provide plenty of room for feet to safely step and climb the stairs.

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Furthermore, how do you secure railroad ties?

You will need to anchor your railroad tie in the ground if you are going to construct more than three steps. Drill a hole about a foot from either end of the tie, all the way through the tie and into the ground. Hammer a piece of rebar into the hole until it is flush with the top of the railroad tie.

One may also ask, how do you build timber steps on a slope? Learn how to build landscape timber steps for stylish curb appeal with lasting power.

  1. Step 1: Plan and Excavate Slope. Lay out your planned site with stakes and a string level.
  2. Step 2: Place Timbers. Lay the timbers in place, then pound them until secure using a sledgehammer.
  3. Step 3: Add Timbers and Secure.

One may also ask, how do you build the slope of stairs?

Steps built into a slope

  1. Fix two parallel stringlines from top to bottom of the slope, as far apart as the required step width.
  2. Measure a line to find the length of the slope.
  3. To measure the height difference between the levels, rest one end of a length of timber on the top of the slope and place a spirit level on it.

Can railroad ties be cut?

Re: Cutting Railroad Ties The very fastest way is with a demolition saw and a carbide blade. You will need to flip the tie over and cut from both sides. you will get a much better cut, much faster, and not need to sharpen the chain after each tie.

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