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How do you multiply decimals in scientific notation?

Multiplying with Scientific Notation
  1. Multiply the two decimal parts of the numbers.
  2. Multiply the two exponential parts by adding their exponents.
  3. Write the answer as the product of the numbers you found in Steps 1 and 2.
  4. If the decimal part of the solution is 10 or greater, move the decimal point one place to the left and add 1 to the exponent.

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Accordingly, how do you multiply in scientific notation?

To multiply two numbers in scientific notation, multiply their coefficients and add their exponents. To divide two numbers in scientific notation, divide their coefficients and subtract their exponents. In either case, the answer must be converted to scientific notation.

Subsequently, question is, what is a scientific notation in math? Scientific Notation. Scientific notation is the way that scientists easily handle very large numbers or very small numbers. For example, instead of writing 0.0000000056, we write 5.6 x 10-9.

Consequently, what are the rules of scientific notation?

To create the scientific notation form, start by counting digits left or right from the existing decimal point. The number of digits counted becomes the exponent, with a base of ten. Count left and the exponent is positive; count right, and it is negative.

How do you write 0.00001 in scientific notation?

To write 0.0001 in scientific notation, we will have to move the decimal point four points to right, which literally means multiplying by 104 . Hence in scientific notation 0.0001=1.0×10−4 (note that as we have moved decimal one point to right we are multiplying by 10−4 .

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