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How do you perform high quality CPR on a child victim?

High quality compressions in CPR should be a minimum of 1/3 the AP diameter of the chest, or approximately 1 ½ inches in infants (4 cm) and 2” in children from age one to adolescence. The rate of compressions should be 100-120 per minute. Chest recoil should be complete between compressions.

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Thereof, how do you perform chest compressions on a child victim?

Perform chest compressions:

  1. Place the heel of one hand on the breastbone -- just below the nipples.
  2. Keep your other hand on the child's forehead, keeping the head tilted back.
  3. Press down on the child's chest so that it compresses about 1/3 to 1/2 the depth of the chest.
  4. Give 30 chest compressions.

Beside above, how do you ensure high quality CPR? Keep the rate of at least 100 compressions per minute. In addition to rate, another focus for high-quality CPR is compression depth. Follow the recommended chest compression rate of at least 100 per minute and the recommended depth of at least 2 inches. Allow the chest to recoil completely during compressions.

Additionally, what kind of victim requires high quality CPR?

Answer and Explanation: High-quality CPR is provided to people who have suffered cardiac arrest. This means that the person's heart is either not beating, or it is not

What is the required depth when giving chest compression on a child victim during CPR?

Minimum depth of chest compression: compression depth for adults is a minimum of 5 cm/2 in. Compression depth for a child is at least ? the depth of the chest size, or 5 cm for a child and 4 cm for an infant.

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