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How do you plant bulbs outside?

Set the bulbs so the top of each bulb is 2 inches beneath the soil surface. Space small varieties three inches apart in clusters of five or more bulbs. Plant larger bulbs four to five inches apart. Water thoroughly after planting.

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Likewise, can you plant bulbs after forcing?

Container plants that have been previously forced into bloom cannot be forced again; however, you can plant bulbs in the garden. If you plan to replant these forced bulbs outdoors, sprinkle a small amount of bulb boosting fertilizer on top of the soil, as most will not flower well again without some help.

Similarly, how deep do I plant bulbs? Depth. The general rule of thumb for planting spring bulbs is to plant two to three times as deep as the bulbs is tall. This means most large bulbs like tulips or daffodils will be planted about 6 inches deep while smaller bulbs will be planted 3-4 inches deep.

Accordingly, can forced tulip bulbs be planted outside?

Answer: Tulips, hyacinths, and most other spring-flowering bulbs that have been forced indoors are usually discarded after flowering. Most won't bloom again when planted outdoors. Forced daffodils can be saved and successfully planted outdoors.

How long do bulbs last unplanted?

about 12 months

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