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How do you remove a piston?

Remove the oil pan. You should be able to see the crankshaft and connecting rod caps. Remove the two bolts holding each connecting rod cap then work the cap free from the bearing and crankshaft journal. Remove the pistons and connecting rods from the top of the engine through the cylinder bores.

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Besides, can you remove pistons from the bottom?

Yeah, it's definitely not possible to remove a piston/rod through the bottom of the block, even with the crankshaft removed. The mains overlap the cylinder bore and that will not allow the piston to pass through. Sorry bud. You got to bite the bullet and pull the head.

Similarly, how much does it cost to replace a piston? Replacement Cost of Piston Rings Most mechanics will charge around $1,500 minimum for this task, up to about $2,500. The reason this replacement job is so expensive is because it can be quite complicated. The engine must be completely disassembled and the cylinders reconditioned. After that, the car is reassembled.

Accordingly, can you change Pistons without removing the engine?

You can take out the pistons without removing the motor, but it's easier to work with the engine on the stand that having to go under the car and ****. The honing can be done by you, but I would just take out the block and take it to a shop.

Can I replace just one piston?

Yes, you can replace one piston, but if you don't pull the engine down and have it balanced to the rest of the rotating assembly, it technically could be out of balance. If you buy the exact same piston you probably won't notice it.

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