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How do you replace the Champion 4 flush valve seal?

How to Replace the Accelerator Flush Valve Seal
  1. STEP 1: Begin by shutting off the water supply. STEP 2: Drain the tank by holding down the handle or lifting the valve chain inside the tank.
  2. STEP 4: Detach the trip lever rod from the flush valve.
  3. STEP 8: Place the flapper back into the toilet tank.

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Herein, how do you change a flush valve?


  1. Remove lid from tank.
  2. Shut off water by turning the shut-off valve clockwise.
  3. Drain as much water out of tank as possible by holding flush lever down until toilet is completely flushed.
  4. Sponge or towel out any remaining water in the tank.
  5. Disconnect water supply tube or hose to tank.

Subsequently, question is, how do you fix a toilet flush valve seal? Flush the toilet to lower the tank water level. Immediately identify the old, worn [red] Valve Seal at bottom of the vertical assembly of Overflow Tube and Float. Reach into water tank and remove the worn valve seal by pulling it, like an old rubber band, with your finger tips (or pliers) until it breaks.

Besides, how does the Champion 4 toilet work?

The American Standard Champion-4 has an elongated bowl with a rim of 16 ½ inches and is ADA compliant. It only consumed 1.6 gallons per flush and functions with the natural force of gravity that pushes the water with full force into the bowl, leaving the toilet 100% clean and stains free.

How do you fix ghost Flushing?

Turn off the water supply and hold down the flush handle to empty the tank. Remove the flapper by disengaging it from the chain that connects it to the flush handle and unhooking its two ears from the overflow tube. Take it to the hardware store so you can find an identical replacement.

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