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How do you seal acrylic paint on a mug?

If you want you can modge podge just the painted area after you bake it. Or tape down from the lip of the mug about 3/4 to 1 in turn the mug upside down and spray with a clear sealcoat don't get any inside or where a person's lips would touch on the outside. Beautiful painting.

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Herein, can you use acrylic paint on a mug?

Acrylic paint is also suitable for most ceramic mugs. However, some acrylics are designed specifically for unglazed ceramics. Check the label before purchasing. After you paint your mug and allow it to dry, use a clear sealant to add shine and prevent the acrylic paint from cracking.

will acrylic paint stick to ceramic? Acrylic paint will work on ceramic but isn't the best because it's meant for canvas work. Acrylic over ceramic that has been glazed with a glossy finish will tend to peel off the same way that dry acrylic peels of from a glass sheet or palette. Acrylic sticks better to rough and adsorbent surfaces.

Thereof, how do you seal acrylic paint on ceramic?

If you are going to paint with acrylics on unglazed ceramic and you don't plan to fire the ceramic in a kiln, then after the acrylics have dried you can seal it with a water-based polyurethane, such as Jo Sonja's Water Based Polyurethane Varnish (this links to Blick Art Materials, and if you make a purchase I get a

Is acrylic paint waterproof?

Acrylic paint is not really waterproof. It is water resistant to a big extent since it is a polymer. But is porous so it will absorb water little by little.

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