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How do you unclog a toilet in an apartment?

Grab a large container and fill it with hot (not boiling) water. Dump the hot water into the toilet bowl and wait for it to dissolve the clog. If this doesn't work or isn't possible, grab some dish soap or shampoo and squirt some into the toilet bowl. Wait a bit for it to break up the clog and try flushing.

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Furthermore, will a toilet eventually unclog itself?

Absolutely. Well, a clogged drain line can clear itself, given enough height of standing effluent. If the toilet's trap itself is clogged, sometimes, if you fill the water to near the top of the bowl it will unclog, but that would be more of a case of the water softening the stool until the flush can finish.

Also, how do you unclog a toilet with a basic plunger? How to Unclog a Toilet with a Plunger

  1. Next. Turn off the water at the valve, usually under the toilet tank.
  2. Back Next. Cover the drain hole with the plunger, making sure there's water coming up at least halfway up the rubber cup on the plunger.
  3. Back Next. Push the plunger up and down without breaking the seal.
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Hereof, how long should you wait to flush a clogged toilet?

If the flush is weak and the waste does not appear to drain, that may mean the toilet is completely plugged up, in which case you should wait at least 10 minutes in hopes that the water level will go down so you can go at it with a plunger. Many people head straight for the plunger when they suspect a clog.

How do you flush a big poop?

Liquid Hand Soap or Shampoo While boiling water may not be an option, you can resort to using a shampoo as it will serve as a lubricant for the clogging poop. Ensure you pour lots of it inside the toilet sink. Wait for a few minutes, and then flush hard.

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