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How do you use a nostalgia popcorn machine?

Kettle Popcorn Machine Instructions
To use one, start by making sure the power switch is off and then plug in the unit. Turn it on for up to 5 minutes to heat the kettle, then turn it off again. Add oil to the kettle – 3 tablespoons for the smaller model, 4 for the larger – and then measure in your kernels.

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Herein, how does popcorn machine work?

The air popcorn maker contains a heating element, a fan and an enclosed air path that vents into an open, sealed container. On top of the vent are the popcorn kernels. Once the air is hot enough and it passes over the kernels, they pop as if they were in a traditional popcorn maker, except without the fatty oils.

Additionally, how do you clean a nostalgia popcorn machine? Cleaning Your Popcorn Machine

  1. Pour liquid cleaning solution into kettle.
  2. Plug machine back in and turn on kettle's heat until solution boils.
  3. Turn off heat and let kettle cool.
  4. Remove kettle from supports.
  5. Pour solution into safe disposal location.
  6. Using a rag, wipe down the rest of the kettle.

Consequently, how do I remove the kettle from my nostalgia popcorn machine?

Periodically, remove the kettle by unscrewing the crank handle and removing. (Crank handle attaches to kettle from outside) Unplug kettle motor and remove kettle from support brackets, take kettle out of machine. Add hot, soapy water to the kettle filling to about 2/3 full.

Which country in the world eats the most popcorn?

the United States

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