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How do you use ASAM criteria?

How to Use The ASAM Criteria
  1. Become active participants in their own care.
  2. Learn about, anticipate and understand treatment options and protocols.
  3. Use the ASAM criteria's six dimensions, or life areas, to better understand how risks and strengths, skills and resources in one life area can affect another.

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Likewise, what are the ASAM criteria?

The ASAM Criteria is a collection of objective guidelines that give clinicians a way to standardize treatment planning and where patients are placed in treatment, as well as how to provide continuing, integrated care and ongoing service planning.

One may also ask, what does Asam mean? American Society of Addiction Medicine

Regarding this, how many dimensions are found in the ASAM criteria?


What are the levels of treatment?

There are four main levels of treatment for substance abuse:

  • Level I — outpatient treatment.
  • Level II — intensive outpatient treatment.
  • Level III — medically monitored intensive inpatient treatment.
  • Level IV — medically managed intensive inpatient treatment.

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