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How do you wear the Army ASU belt?

It is worn so that the tipped end passes through the buckle to the wearer's left; the tipped end will not extend more than 2 inches beyond the edge of the buckle. The plain end of the belt may extend beyond the keeper portion of the inside of the buckle, as long as it is not visible when worn.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, which way does the army belt go?

For males this should be the left side and for females, the right. Slide the belt through the belt loops. Position the belt buckle so that the edge of the buckle that the belt aligns with is the edge of the buttoned shirt. Push the belt through the buckle.

Also, which way does the dress blue belt go? Lay out the belt horizontally on a flat, soft surface with the front side of belt facing down. Place the buckle face down on the right end, with eagle upside down. Place a stay piece next to the buckle.

Similarly one may ask, can you wear a black belt in the army?

That means that since the message in 2007 says you can wear tan or black belts, but the message in 2008 says you can't wear black belts anymore, the only authorized belt for the ACU is the tan belt.

Why does the army wear PT belts?

Yellow PT belts reduce upper brain function, allowing junior troops to act without question. Green PT belts prevent the buildup of certain pathogens and parasites. Blue PT belts increase muscular strength but reduce cardiovascular endurance.

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