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How do you wind a Greenmers trimmer line?


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In this manner, why does my strimmer line keep breaking?

Contact with an object in the grass or along the lawn perimeter represents the most frequent cause of trimmer line breaks. The trimmer head hits a wall, paving edge, garden stone, or some other type of object. Trimmer lines must rotate freely or else tension builds up until the line breaks.

Furthermore, how do you fill a Ryobi trimmer line? Grasp the string head with one hand, and unscrew the knob on top of it with your other hand by turning the knob counterclockwise. Remove the knob and trimmer cover, and lift out the string spool. Pull out all old string. Cut an 18-foot piece of 0.095-inch-diameter string from a roll, and fold it in half.

Regarding this, how do I replace the line in my Yardworks trimmer?

It's easy to replace your Yardworks trimmer string.

  1. Grip the cutter knob and turn it counter-clockwise to remove it. Remove any excess yard debris.
  2. Remove any excess line still wrapped around the previous spool.
  3. Insert the spring within the replacement spool.
  4. Pull the replacement line through the slots of the outer hub.

What is a string trimmer used for?

A string trimmer is a lightweight, versatile outdoor power tool that is used for the ridding of weeds and grass. Trimmers come in a variety of models that have either a gasoline, electric weed eaters, or battery-operated engine and feature a spinning head at the bottom of a long shaft.

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