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How does a blue whale die?

When a whale dies in the ocean, its carcass can become home to entirely new ecosystems. When whales die in the ocean, their bodies eventually sink to the bottom. Once the body comes to rest, biologists refer to this as a whale fall. As you would guess, other fish and sea animals initially eat the meat off the carcass.

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Keeping this in consideration, do whales explode when they die?

One of three sperm whales that died after becoming beached on the Lincolnshire coast near Skegness, United Kingdom in January 2016 burst due to a build-up of gases in the carcass, after a marine biologist cut into it while trying to perform a post-mortem. The bursting caused a "huge blast of air".

Also, how long does a blue whale live? 80 – 90 years In the wild

Correspondingly, how do blue whales move?

To help a Blue Whale move around with ease, they have very long flippers. They average from 10 to 13 inches in length when one is fully mature. They are able to move at a rate of about 30 miles per hour through the water when they want to. A normal pace for them though is more along the lines of 12 miles per hour.

Where do blue whales live?

Habitat and Range Blue whales inhabit most of the world's major oceans like the Antarctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. In the North Atlantic, these marine mammals can be spotted off Newfoundland, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Nova Scotia, Greenland, the Azores, and Iceland.

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