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How far does a light switch need to be from a shower?

Switches shall not be installed within wet locations in tub or shower spaces unless installed as part of a listed tub or shower assembly. {NOTE: According to both the NEC and the IRC a damp/wet location is in the area within 36 inches of either edge of a tub sink or basin and/or an area that is subject to “spray”.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how far does a light switch have to be from a tub?

Hot Tubs or Whirlpools The NEC has a very specific requirement on the location of the switch—it must be at least 5 feet away from the tub.

Subsequently, question is, should you leave shower switch on? Leave the switch OFF, as the manufacturers suggest. As for safety, the chance of any problems is very small, but leaving any appliance powered continuously will increase the risk of it overheating or cathing fire if something goes wrong with it.

Just so, how far does an electrical outlet need to be from a shower?

Outlet Receptacles You should keep the receptacle at least 6 feet away from the edge of a bathtub or shower and at least 1 foot away from sinks. Avoid positioning a receptacle over the center of the sink, where cords hairdryers and electric shavers might hang down into the basin.

Is it illegal to have a light switch in a bathroom?

Light switches are not allowed in bathrooms it has to be a pull cord or a switch outside. Radiator pipes do not have to be bonded IF boiler is cross bonded and/or you have rcd protection on the fuseboard. Plastic fans do not have an earth as they are double insulated. however.

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