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How good is moisture resistant plasterboard?

Using moisture resistant plasterboard in bathrooms is a industry standard this days. Combined with liquid tanking will provide very good water resistant surface. However this is cheeper alternative to cement boards like AQUAPANEL.

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Also asked, do I need moisture resistant plasterboard?

"Whilst standard plasterboard is ideal for most environments, it shouldn't be used in constantly damp conditions. For kitchens, bathrooms and similar damp areas, Gyproc Moisture Resistant should be used.

Also Know, can you tile onto moisture resistant plasterboard? Yes, it is possible to tile directly to our Gyproc moisture resistant (MR) grade boards without any pre-treatment.

Beside above, where can I use moisture resistant plasterboard?

Moisture Resistant Plasterboards have a water repellent additives in the core which means the boards are suitable for intermittent moisture applications. They are ideal for high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

What is moisture resistant plasterboard?

Gyproc Moisture Resistant consists of an aerated gypsum core with water repellent additives encased in, and firmly bonded strong paper liners. Gyproc Moisture Resistant is a plasterboard that is suitable for drylining internal surfaces.

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