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How long is a Dkt valid for?

When you pass the DKT, your learner licence is valid for 5 years or until you get your Red Ps (provisional P1 licence). Your learner licence can be renewed after 5 years, but you'll have to pass the DKT again, so start getting those hours up as soon as you can.

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Beside this, how long is Dkt test valid?

30 months

One may also ask, how many questions do you need to pass the DKT? 45 questions

Similarly one may ask, how long can you be on your L's for?

Must record your 120 hours of driving in your log book and have it signed off by you and your supervising driver. Must hold your learner permit for at least twelve months continuously if you are under 21 years of age (six months if you're between 21 and 25, or three months if you're over 25)

Can L platers drive for more than 2 hours?

You can drive as long as you like on L plates. It is wise to stop every 2 hours for all drivers. Doing a few long trips is an easy way to get the required hours to get you licence.

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