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How long is Currys warranty?

We will offer either a repair, exchange or refund if the fault occurs within 30 days of purchase (or delivery or installation). If the fault with your product occurs within its guarantee period (normally 12 months from delivery) we will offer you a prompt repair service*.

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Thereof, does Currys have warranty?

Most products come with a 1 year guarantee as standard – Instant Replacement gives you 3 years. You are entitled to as many new replacement products as necessary during the 3 years.

Furthermore, how long do Currys take to repair? We work with the UK's largest parts supplier to make sure we can fix your product quickly. Most spares take 24-48 hours to arrive to us, subject to stock levels and order times.

Secondly, how long is Currys guarantee?

Within product's guarantee period (normally 12 months from purchase or delivery: We will offer you a prompt repair service. In all cases we reserve the right to inspect the product and verify the fault.

What is Currys return policy?

Currys returns policy: Unwanted products If you've changed your mind about a product, you can return it in its original unopened and sealed packaging within 21 days of its original purchase and you'll receive a full refund.

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