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How many acres is nocatee?

Nocatee is approximately 25 square miles, 14,000 acres with over 60% or up to 9,000 acres remaining preserve for conservation and preservation.

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Similarly one may ask, what does nocatee mean?

Nocatee is Timucuan Indian meaning "peaceful river." You pronounce it, Nocatee (Knock-A-Tee).

One may also ask, when was nocatee founded? 1989

In this regard, is nocatee a good place to live?

Nocatee is an amazing place for families to live and grow. There is always a community event going on, and the community waterparks - that's right, waterparks - are open year-round. It's located only 10 minutes from Ponte Vedra Beach and A1A.

How far is nocatee from the beach?

2.5 miles

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