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How many Greek colonies were there?

In total then, the Greeks established some 500 colonies which involved up to 60,000 Greek citizen colonists, so that by 500 BCE these new territories would eventually account for 40% of all Greeks in the Hellenic World.

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Also know, what cities began as Greek colonies?

The Greek city-states began establishing colonies around 900 – 800 BC, at first at Al Mina on the coast of Syria and the Greek emporium Pithekoussai at Ischia in the Bay of Naples, both established about 800 BC by Euboeans.

Secondly, why did the Greeks expand to overseas colonies? The Greeks did not have enough arable land on the rocky, mountainous mainland and the islands provided limited farmlands as well. Rapid population growth resulted in the establishment of colonies along the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Similarly, you may ask, was Greece ever a colony?

Well, the Greek war for independance (a revolution against Ottoman rule), started in 1821 and ended in 1829. The Greek Indpendence has been settled by the Protocol of London (1832). Since then Greece was never a colony of any other country or empire. Since then Greece was never a colony of any other country or empire.

How long did the Greeks establish colonies?

300 years

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