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How many Stereocenters does glucose have?

There are two enantiomers of glucose, called D-glucose and L-glucose. The D-enantiomer is the common sugar that our bodies use for energy. It has n = 4 stereocenters, so therefore there are 2n = 24 = 16 possible stereoisomers (including D-glucose itself).

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Simply so, how many chiral centers does glucose have?

There are five chiral carbons in bêta-D-glucose. Linear glucose contains four chiral centres. When hemiacetal ring structure is formed one more chiral centre is formed.

Furthermore, how many Epimers does glucose have? - Quora.

One may also ask, how many stereoisomers does glucose have?


What are the 16 isomers of glucose?

The names of the above aldohexoses are:

  • D-allose | D-altrose | D-glucose | D-mannose.
  • D-gulose | D-idose | D-galactose | D-talose.
  • L-allose | L-altrose | L-glucose | L-mannose.
  • L-gulose | L-idose | L-galactose | L-talose.

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