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How many teams has Robin Lopez played for?

Robin Lopez
No. 42 – Milwaukee Bucks
2012–2013 New Orleans Hornets
2013–2015 Portland Trail Blazers
2015–2016 New York Knicks
2016–2019 Chicago Bulls

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Besides, what teams has Robin Lopez played for?

Milwaukee Bucks #42 / Center

Also Know, who is older Brook and Robin Lopez? Brook and Robin's eldest brother, Alexander, who is a teacher and also serves as the twins' personal trainer, is 6-10. Their older brother Christopher, who Ledford said is writing and producing a basketball graphic novel, is 6-7.

Furthermore, what does Robin Lopez weigh?

125 kg

Is Robin Lopez injured?

Monday, Dec. Terry Stotts reveals Robin Lopez has a fractured hand and will miss some time. Robin Lopez was wearing a large gauze wrap/cast around fractured right hand after game. Said initial tests suggest he broke it in 2 places.

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