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How many years did the Dutch rule Indonesia?

By the early 1900 the Dutch more or less had conquered the whole archipelago although some small disturbances still existed especially in remote highlands. So, in my opinion The Netherlands colonized The East Indies since 1800 to 1942 = 142 years. 1945 - 1950 was the struggle for independence.

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Then, when was Indonesia colonized by the Dutch?

Dutch East Indies

Dutch East Indies Nederlandsch-Indië (Dutch) Hindia-Belanda (Indonesian)
• Dutch East India Company 1603–1800
• Dutch East Indies formation 1 January 1600
• French and British interregnum 1806–1815
• Japanese occupation 1942–1945

Similarly, how did the Dutch gain control of Indonesia? Through agreements(such as helping the Prince of Banten overthrow his father in 1680), seizures, and outright war(against the Portguese in 1660, against the Suluwasi in 1667), they gained control of the western access to the Indonesian archipelago and eventually political domination over the archipelago itself.

Similarly, you may ask, why did the Dutch lose Indonesia?

There were many reasons why the Dutch gave Indonesia Independence. In fact, the Netherlands gave up control of Indonesia in 1949 because the US threatend to cut the Marshall Plan economic aid, something that post war Netherlands was in dire need of.

Who colonized Indonesia first?

The Portuguese were the first Europeans to colonize parts of Indonesia in the early 1500s. Like the Dutch and British and French, who all came later, they wanted to profit from the spice trade.

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