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How much does it cost to add a gas fireplace?

The average costs associated with installing a gas fireplace include $600 for the firebox installation, $750 for the vent pipe, $2,750 for the full installation and finishing work, and between $150 and $800 for the gas line, depending on how far it needs to run.

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Likewise, people ask, how much does it cost to add a gas fireplace to an existing home?

A fireplace unit that burns natural gas or propane runs about $2,000 for the basic materials package. Installation and finishing typically add $2,500. Cost saver tip: Switch to a simpler surround and mantle, and get a direct-vent fireplace so you don't need a chimney.

One may also ask, how much does it cost to run a gas fireplace? It's really inexpensive to run a gas fireplace or insert. For instance, the Heat & Glo 6000, which is one of the most popular gas fireplaces of all time, costs a mere . 42 cents per hour* to operate. So, enjoying a fire for an entire evening can cost as little as $2.

Simply so, how much does it cost to put in a fireplace?

Fireplace Installation Cost. A new gas, wood-burning, electric, or masonry fireplace firebox unit costs between $1,100 and $2,800, or about $1,800 on average. Professional installation and finishing adds $800 to $2,800, or about $2,100 on average, bringing your overall cost to install a fireplace at $1,900 to $5,600.

Does adding a fireplace increase home value?

A homeowner can often recover over 100 percent of the expenses associated with adding a fireplace upon selling their home. According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, adding a fireplace to home can increase the resale value of the home by as much as 6-12 percent.

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