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How much does it cost to install a Saniflo toilet?

Lots of people are turning to Saniflo bathroom products as a way to bring down the cost of the average bathroom installation – which can run from between $10,000 - $25,000! Much of that cost is associated with demolition and new plumbing, which Saniflo bathroom products do not require.

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Simply so, how much does it cost to install an Upflush toilet?

While you'll need to hire a plumber if you decide to install a standard toilet (you can expect to spend about $400 on the installation), you can purchase an Upflush toilet and install it on your own.

Beside above, how do you install a Saniflo toilet? Just follow these simple steps to ensure your Saniflo installation process is streamlined and smooth:

  1. Gather all Your Equipment.
  2. Pick a Site.
  3. Install the Discharge Pipe.
  4. Connect Your Water Supply.
  5. Plug the System in.
  6. Install the Macerator.
  7. Vent the System and Attach the Toilet.

Then, how much does it cost to install a Saniflo toilet UK?

Well, each home and job will vary, but after speaking to a variety of plumbers, we've agreed that if you have pre-purchased the Saniflo system, then it would come in at around £500-£800. This is based on about 10-16 hours of work at a cost of about £50 per hour.

Does a Saniflo toilet need to be vented?

All of Saniflo products require an 1-1/2 inch vent pipe, which must be vented to the main vent stack as per plumbing codes. The Sanicompact 48 and Sanistar models do not require a vent connection since they are considered self contained units.

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