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How much does Steve Ballmer make annually?

As of December 11, 2017, his personal wealth is estimated at US$37.1 billion. While CEO of Microsoft in 2009, Ballmer earned a total compensation of $1,276,627, which included a base salary of $665,833, a cash bonus of $600,000, no stock or options, and other compensation of $10,794.

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Likewise, how did Steve Ballmer get so rich?

Ballmer had led Microsoft for nearly 15 years when he announced his retirement and then stepped down as CEO in 2014. He held onto his 4 percent stake in the company, though, which contributes a considerable amount to his wealth and makes him the company's largest individual shareholder.

Likewise, what does Steve Ballmer do? Businessperson Investor

People also ask, what percentage of the Clippers does Steve Ballmer own?

Aside from work in tech and sports, Ballmer bought a 4 percent stake in social media company Twitter in Oct. 2015, which made him one of the company's largest shareholders. However, three years later, Ballmer revealed he sold his Twitter shares.

Are Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates friends?

Gates and Ballmer became friends while attending Harvard in the 70s, studying and watching movies together. "We went and saw 'Singin' in the Rain' and 'A Clockwork Orange,' which are only connected by the use of a common song," Gates once said. "And then we got to be super-good friends."

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