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How much is an acrylic bathtub?

Acrylic bathtub costs
The average price of a new acrylic tub is between $500 and $1,200. Probably one of the most common materials for bathtubs is acrylic, which is typically reinforced by fiberglass.

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Furthermore, what is an acrylic bathtub?

Acrylic tubs are made of vacuum-formed sheets of acrylic, often reinforced with fiberglass for added durability. Since the material is inherently soft and supple, it's the perfect material for a large variety of tub shapes and sizes. Acrylic is lightweight, so it can be installed on any level of the home.

Additionally, how much does it cost to put in a bathtub? Bathtub Installation or Replacement Costs The average cost to install a bathtub is $3,402, but can range from $1,080 and $5,750, depending on the type of tub and modifications needed. The average cost of the tub itself ranges from $200 to $2,000 or more.

Moreover, are acrylic bathtubs any good?

Acrylic is a good all-around choice, although it may lack a certain high-end appeal for some people. If you're looking for a material that will last, this would be it. Cast iron tubs are made by pouring molten iron into a mold of the desired shape, then smoothing it and coating it with a thick layer of enamel.

How long do acrylic bathtubs last?

about 10 to 15 years

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