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How old is St Ignatius High School?


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In respect to this, what is the tuition for St Ignatius High School?

The tuition cost for the 2019-2020 academic year is $19,500.00.

Likewise, how do I get into Saint Ignatius? Admissions Criteria

  1. Should perform well above grade level on standardized tests taken in the seventh and eighth grade at his or her present school.
  2. Should be progressing in academic subjects commensurate with ability.
  3. Should receive a favorable recommendation from the principal, teacher, or counselor of the school the student now attends.

In respect to this, is St Ignatius an all boys school?

Ignatius College Preparatory, was adopted. Though founded as an all-boys school, SI became coeducational in 1989 and is home to over 1,400 male and female students.

Is St Ignatius a Catholic school?

While respecting all faith traditions, Saint Ignatius is a Catholic high school defined by Jesuit spirituality. Faith in Jesus Christ and a commitment to the Catholic faith provide the backdrop against which academics, intramurals, and social growth must take place.

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