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How tall do foxtail palms get?

Plant specs
Foxtails are fast growers, reaching an ultimate height of about 30 feet. They're best suited for Zone 10, though areas of Zone 9B that closely border Zone 10 will work with normal winter temperatures.

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In respect to this, how fast do foxtail palm trees grow?

Foxtail Palms As a fast-growing palm tree, the Foxtail Palm will grow 2 to 3-feet per year under normal (ideal) conditions, and reach a height of 30-feet in total height within a 10-year period. A good option for those seeking a rapid growing palm tree for shading.

Also, why do foxtail palms turn brown? Unfortunately, like many other palms, foxtail palm is a heavy feeder and often suffers from a range of nutritional deficiencies. A minor deficiency in iron, magnesium, potassium or manganese can result in brown leaf tips.

Also to know is, do foxtail palms need a lot of water?

While the foxtail palm tree is somewhat drought resistant, regular watering encourages optimum growth and a lush, exotic appearance. Regular watering is required until the tree is established, usually in one or two years. Caring for foxtail palms should include mulching, but mulch should not hug the trunk.

What is the best fertilizer for foxtail palms?

Generally for palms, apply a fertilizer with a ratio of 2N (nitrogen) -1P (phosphorous) -3K (potassium) -1MG (magnesium) such as 8-2-12-4 plus micronutrients which is 100% slow-release N and K. Use a rate of 1.5 lbs./100 sq. ft. every 3 months; February, May, October and December.

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