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Is a FN 5.7 Legal?

Sales of the Five-seven were originally restricted by FN to military and law enforcement customers, but since 2004, the pistol has also been offered to civilian shooters for personal protection, target shooting, and similar uses.

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Likewise, people ask, is the FN 5.7 good for self defense?

Nothing I've ever read, heard or seen disputes the 5.7x28 as being a good choice as a self defense round. It's penetration qualities make it an excellent home defense round. Having said that; none of the current pistols chambered in the round are all that suited for concealed carry.

Additionally, is the FN 5.7 legal in Florida? The 5-7 is completely legal in Florida, but to get one from Blue Label requires hoop-jumping.

Subsequently, question is, is the FN 5.7 legal in Massachusetts?

The FN 5-7 is not legal for sale in MASSACHUSETTS; never mind Boston. First, it is not on the Approved Firearms Roster. Second, even if it were so approved, it could not be sold w/20-round mags. FN would have to supply 10-rounders for the Mass.

Is the FN 5.7 Powerful?

While the 5.7x28 is not particularly “powerful” kinetic energy wise, it does what it does by making use of a combination of high velocity and small-diameter, light-weight bullet. The same terminal ballistic factors that make the 5.56 NATO round highly effective, are at work with the 5.7x28, albeit on a smaller scale.

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