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Is a negative z score good or bad?

Lower z-score means closer to the meanwhile higher means more far away. Positive means to the right of the mean or greater while negative means lower or smaller than the mean.

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In this way, what does it mean if the z score is negative?

If a z-score is equal to 0, it is on the mean. A positive z-score indicates the raw score is higher than the mean average. A negative z-score reveals the raw score is below the mean average. For example, if a z-score is equal to -2, it is 2 standard deviations below the mean.

Similarly, how do you use a negative z score table? Negative Z score table. Use the negative Z score table below to find values on the left of the mean as can be seen in the graph alongside. Corresponding values which are less than the mean are marked with a negative score in the z-table and respresent the area under the bell curve to the left of z.

Subsequently, one may also ask, can you have a negative z score?

1 Answer. Yes, a z-score with a negative value indicates it is below the mean. Z-scores can be negative, but areas or probabilities cannot be.

What is a significant z score?

The Z score is a test of statistical significance that helps you decide whether or not to reject the null hypothesis. Z scores are measures of standard deviation. For example, if a tool returns a Z score of +2.5 it is interpreted as "+2.5 standard deviations away from the mean".

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