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Is cyclohexanol soluble in water?

Substituents: Cyclohexanol; Cyclic alcohol; Hy

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Hereof, is cyclohexene soluble in water?

Cyclohexene is a non polar molecule and water is polar molecule as it has sufficient electronegativity difference between the constituent atoms. So cyclohexene won't be aoluble in water. Instead it will be soluble in non polar solvents like benzene.

Also, is cyclohexanol soluble in acetone? The molecule consists of six-carbon cyclic molecule with a ketone functional group. This colorless oil has an odor reminiscent of peardrop sweets as well as acetone. Over time, samples assume a yellow color due to oxidation. Cyclohexanone is slightly soluble in water and miscible with common organic solvents.

In respect to this, is cyclohexanol polar or nonpolar?

Answers and Replies I would classify cyclohexanol as mostly non polar, as the ring is relatively bulky. At the same time there is no doubt it is much more polar than cyclohexane.

Is cyclohexanol a liquid or solid?

Cyclohexanol has a melting point of 25.93 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 161.84 degrees Celsius. Depending on the temperature, it may appear as a sticky solid with a crystal shape or as a viscous liquid that's colorless to light-yellow in color. It has a camphor-like smell to it.

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