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Is IHOP coming to Moncton?

The International House of Pancakes, aka IHOP is coming to Moncton, New Brunswick. The opening, which is rumoured to be scheduled for the second half of 2019 will represent the chain's first location in Atlantic Canada.

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Also know, is IHOP coming to Moncton NB?

About IHOP Opening on January 14th, 2020, the new location will be on the corner of Mountain Road and Casino Drive. While a number of IHOP locations are planned for Atlantic Canada over the next 6 years, the Moncton location will be the first, and promises a great new dining experience.

Furthermore, can you still get pancakes at IHOP? The 'All You Can Eat Pancakes' and 'Sweeten the Deal' promotions are available for a limited time and are dine-in only at participating IHOP locations nationwide now.

Moreover, is IHOP and IHOP the same?

Well, they're at it again. IHOP is teasing that, while they're sticking with the same IHOP acronym, the P will stand for something other than pancakes for a short while.

Are there any IHOPs in Canada?

IHOP Opens First Location in Ontario, Canada The first IHOP in Eastern Canada opened in Niagara Falls, Ontario on Sept. 13. The new restaurant marks IHOP's 13th location in Canada; there are currently 12 IHOPs throughout the province of British Columbia.

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