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Is Il Gesu a baroque?

Erected between 1568 and 1584, Il Gesù was the first Jesuit church built in Rome. It was lavishly decorated during the seventeenth century. Nowadays, the Church of the Gesù (Chiesa del Gesù) is considered to be one of the best examples of Roman Baroque architecture.

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Then, what is Gesu?

Gesu Church ("Gesu" means "Jesus") is a name used for churches by the Jesuit Order. It may refer to an English translation of any of the churches at Church of the Gesu (disambiguation), most notably the Church of the Gesù, in Rome, the baroque mother church of the Jesuit Order.

Similarly, where is St Ignatius buried? Chiesa del Gesù, Rome, Italy

Similarly, you may ask, where is Gaulli's Triumph of the name of Jesus located?

nave of the Il Gesu

What does Gesu mean in Japanese?

?/??/?? are all pronounced "gesu." According to various dictionaries "gesu" can be used to describe a sleazebag, a humble person, or a petty official.

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