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Is it good to put grass seed down before snow?

Planting Before Snowfall
Some gardeners advise planting grass seed immediately before a snowfall. The idea is that the snowfall will provide a protective covering over the ground, and when it melts, the moisture will seep into the soil and provide a good growing environment for the seeds.

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Consequently, can you plant grass seed in the snow?

Planting grass seed while there is snow on the ground is actually a great idea. When snow is on the ground and the air is cold, it creates cracks in the ground that allow the seed to fall deeper into the soil. Kentucky bluegrass, fescues and rye grass seeds are the best type to use in cold-weather planting.

Secondly, what happens to grass seed if it freezes? Freezing temperatures generally have a negligible effect on grass seeds before they germinate. However, real problems can occur if temperatures drop below freezing before newly emerged seedlings have had a chance to develop sufficiently.

Also asked, does grass seed die in winter?

Grass seed can survive the winter, and planting during the winter season is known as dormant seeding. If you put down grass seed in November or December, the seed will just lay dormant until the soil starts to warm in spring.

What temperature is too cold for grass seed?

If the daytime temperature is below 60°F then soil temperature is below 50°F, making it too cold; if there is frost or still a danger of frost, then it's too cold. If it's too cold, the grass seeds will likely rot.

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