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Is it healthy to keep in touch with an ex?

Should you keep in touch with your ex? The answer isn't a simple yes or no. If you're using an ex as a backup, contact with the ex is likely to undermine your current relationship. Other research has shown that reminders of your ex can keep you attached to that person and make it more difficult to get over them.

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In respect to this, why do guys stay in touch with ex girlfriends?

The reason is simple; the majority of guys who say they remain in contact with their ex-girlfriends is so that they can have the possibility of hooking up with you again in the future when either you or they become single. This is no big secret, many women have also said that they do the same.

Similarly, why does an ex keep in touch? So, if your ex is keeping in touch with you, it may be because she's a nice person who still genuinely cares enough about you enough to stay in touch and make sure that you're okay. In her eyes, she's just doing what she feels is the right thing to do. Another possible reason why your ex keeps in touch with you is…

Subsequently, one may also ask, is it wrong to talk to your ex while in a relationship?

"If you insist on being friends with your ex, you must have a 90-day no contact rule. Yes, but only if you've been in your new relationship for a long time, you have no feelings for your ex (NOT EVEN BABY LITTLE ONES), and you're honest with your new partner about your communication.

Do guys miss their ex after a breakup?

It will take your ex quite some time to miss you after the breakup. But you already know that he can only miss you when you're gone. So let him go for now. And if he finds someone during no contact who doesn't make him as happy as you did, then that's even better for you as it could bring him back quicker.

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