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Is ite and Siemens the same?

The ITE Circuit Breaker Company sold its products as ITE circuit breakers until Siemens Energy & Automation Inc, a subsidiary of Siemens AG, acquired this ITE business. Although Siemens continued to use the ITE name, it now sells all ITE and Siemens circuit breakers under the ?

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Moreover, are ITE and Siemens breakers interchangeable?

Siemens IS the owner of all things ITE when it comes to low voltage breakers. Their breakers are not just "compatible" with ITE, they ARE EXACTLY THE SAME breakers, they haven't changed in 25 years or more. There is no difference other than the company name.

Secondly, what is an ITE Circuit Breaker? The ITE Circuit Breaker Company, named for the innovative oil-dashpot inverse time element on its electro-mechanical circuit breaker trip devices, was founded in the 1890's in Philadelphia, PA. ITE was an innovator in the electrical industry creating the first stored energy low- and medium-voltage circuit breakers.

Similarly, what breakers will fit an ITE panel?

Siemens/ITE Home Breakers In 2011, ITE refurbished breakers are available, but not widely distributed. For example, the Relectric Supply Company stocks a variety of breakers; the Siemens/ITE type B115 is a common breaker used in many panels. It is a 120-volt breaker, with a 15 ampere rating.

What breaker is compatible with Siemens?

The Cutler-Hammer "CL" breakers are classified for use in a Siemens panel.

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