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Is ocular tuberculosis curable?

Tuberculous uveitis is a readily treatable disease and the consequences of delay in either ocular or systemic diagnosis can be very serious for the patient. Treatment with antituberculous therapy combined with systemic corticosteroids resolves inflammation without recurrences after medical therapy.

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Hereof, is ocular tuberculosis contagious?

2,3 Persons with latent MTB infection do not manifest symptoms of active TB and are not infectious, but they may develop clinical disease at anytime during their life.

Also Know, what is tuberculosis of the eye? Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis that can affect many organs, including the eye [1-3]. Ocular TB can involve any part of the eye and can occur with or without evidence of systemic TB. Establishing the diagnosis of TB in an extrapulmonary focus is a clinical challenge.

Beside above, can tuberculosis cause blindness?

Tuberculosis is a cause of ocular morbidity, visual impairment and blindness. Prevention, early diagnosis and early treatment of TB may prevent avoidable visual loss.

How do you get ocular TB?

The eye can become infected with tuberculosis through several different mechanisms.

  1. The most common form of ocular involvement is from hematogenous spread.
  2. Primary exogenous infection of the eye, while unusual, can occur in the lids or in the conjunctiva.

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