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Is the book frindle a true story?

No, the word frindle is not a real word. In the story, however, it becomes a real word. The genre of the book is realistic fiction, and in the story the word frindle winds up in the dictionary. The main character, Nick, asks his teacher one day who invents words and how they end up in the dictionary.

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In respect to this, is frindle a realistic fiction book?

Frindle is an example of one type of fiction, realistic fiction. The characters, events and setting are not real, but they could be.

Secondly, when was the book frindle made? Frindle is an American children's novel written by Andrew Clements, illustrated by Brian Selznick, and published by Aladdin in 1996.

Keeping this in consideration, who made up the word frindle?

Andrew Clements

What is the main problem in the book frindle?

The most obvious conflict in Frindle is between Nick and Mrs. Granger as Nick invents a word and Mrs. Granger bans his word. The principal, Nick's parents, and Nick's friends also get involved in this conflict.

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