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Is there a National French Fry Day?

National French Fry Day on July 13th recognizes a staple food on menus across the country. It comes in so many different cuts and styles, there's a favorite for everyone to enjoy! French fries, also known as chips, fries, finger chips or French-fried potatoes, are batons of deep-fried potatoes.

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Moreover, do you get free fries on National French Fry Day?

National French Fry Day is on Saturday, July 13 and a number of local restaurants are offering freebies and deals on fries. Here's where you can get some free fries this Fry-Day Friday. McDonald's: McDonald's is offering a free medium fries with any purchase when you order from Uber Eats.

Also Know, is today Free Fry Day at mcdonalds? National French Fry Day is July 13 and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than with FREE World Famous Fries from McDelivery with Uber Eats. On Saturday, McDonald's will be offering a free medium fries with any order, exclusively on Uber Eats starting at 11am local time in honor of National French Fry Day.

Simply so, why is the French Fry called the french fry?

American soldiers stationed in Belgium were first introduced to French fries during World War I. As the official language of the Belgian army was French, soldiers nicknamed the delicious fried potatoes “French fries." The name stuck, and decades later we're still giving credit to the wrong country.

What is Fry Day?

Fryday is one of the largest networking clubs for professionals organising series of social and business networking events across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Fryday community is composed of cosmopolitan professional crowd, business owners, government officials and media representatives.

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