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Is Unity or Unreal better for 2d games?

2D. Unity really comes into its own with its support for 2D games. It is possible to make a 2D game in Unreal using the Paper 2D system, but Unity 2D is far more fleshed out and intuitive, typically offering a better workflow and a more polished end product.

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Then, is unreal good for 2d games?

Yes you can and yes there are some 2D games made with Unreal Engine like Mortal Kombat Mobile. But it is not what it made for. Unreal Engine has a clear focus on his 3D graphics and shaders. The reason for that is to compete with the other popular game engine which is Unity.

Furthermore, is Unity or Unreal better for beginners? Depends on wether you'd be working with beginners and need access to extra development software. Unreal is more cost-effective, Unity is more popular for smaller/indie games but with a degraded featureset unless you're paying at least a monthly Pro subscription.

In this regard, is Unity good for 2d games?

Unity is completely fine for making 2D games. If you want to learn Unity go right ahead, it will not stop you for making a roguelike. Unity comes with a lot of boilerplate in general. You may need to explicitly work around this boilerplate.

What is better Unity or Unreal?

While matching the Unity vs Unreal performance, we comprehended that Unity is the better platform for developing mobile and 2D/3D games whereas Unreal is best suited for developing highly graphical and photorealistic games. This turns out to be a big difference between Unreal and Unity.

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