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What are 2 main outcomes of a debt for nature swap?

What are the two main outcomes of a debt-for-nature swap? A conservation organization raises money and offers to pay off a part of a developing nations international debt in exchange for a by the nation to set aside reserves, fund environmental education, and better manage protected areas.

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Similarly, what is one advantage and disadvantage of mapping hotspots?

Areas that are “hotspots” of biodiversity can carry higher value for other important ecosystem services, including carbon storage, water conservation and scenic beauty, according to a new study from Costa Rica. In areas that provide high carbon storage, however, benefits from the other services are slightly lower.

Beside above, is extinction a natural process explain quizlet? YES. Extinction is a natural process. Organisms have been going extinct for all of Earth's history. Species may become endangered or even extinct if they are trapped, hunted, or otherwise harvested faster than the species can reproduce and grow.

Subsequently, question is, how does genetic diversity affect a population's chances of survival?

Genetic diversity helps a population adapt to changing environmental conditions. If all of the organisms only have a genetic makeup that is adapted to humidity, then all will die out, but if some have a gene or set of genes that allows them to live in a drier environment, then the population can survive.

How does captive breeding protect single species quizlet?

It allows for the species to breed in a specific protected area. What are the two main outcomes of a debt-for-nature swap? Conservation organizations buy the rights to conserve resources, instead of harvesting them.

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