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What are impersonal expressions in French?

Impersonal expressions consist of an impersonal subject ("it" in English; il or ce in French) and the verb être followed by an adjective. After that, you may need the subordinating conjunction que or a preposition, depending on what comes at the end of the sentence – learn more.

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In this way, what is an impersonal expression?

Impersonal expressions are those which do not have a specific subject. In grammatical terms, "impersonal" does not mean cold, but rather invariable by grammatical person.

Furthermore, what verb is faut? Falloir

Similarly, what is an impersonal verb in French?

Impersonal verbs - Easy Learning Grammar French. An impersonal verb is one that does not refer to a real person or thing and where the subject is represented by it, for example, It's going to rain; It's ten o'clock. Impersonal verbs are only used with il (meaning it) and in the infinitive.

How do you use il faut in French?

To express them in French, there is of course the verb “devoir” but also the expression “il faut” followed by the infinitive. This structure is very easy to use! You will never read or hear “ je faut ” ou “ vous fallez “. This structure is always the same and is only used with “il”.

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