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What are ray florets and disc florets?

Ray florets comprise the outer ring of often brightly coloured 'petals', while disc florets form the centre of the flower head. They have floral heads like the sunflower and are typically 1 to 6 centimeters in diameter including both ray florets and disc florets.

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Likewise, people ask, in which type of inflorescence ray florets and disc florets are found?

It bears many sessile and small florets. Peripheral florets called ray florets are pistillate or neuter and zygomorphic, whereas disc florets are bisexual and actinomorphic. It is type of racemose inflorescence. A capitulum or head, the characteristic inflorescence of the sunflower family (Asteraceae).

One may also ask, what is ray florets of sunflower? Ray florets are flowers with long, straplike petals along the outside of the sunflower. Each petal on the outside of a sunflower is a flower. The ray florets are unable to reproduce by themselves because they are missing one or more sex organs. The disc florets possess both male and female reproductive organs.

Beside above, what is the difference between ray and disc flowers in composites?

COMPOSITE FAMILY FLOWER STRUCTURE Disc flowers form the flower head's "eye," while ray flowers look like petals on a simpler flower. Beneath the flower head there is a collection of modified leaves, or bracts, forming the involucre, in the above picture seen at the right.

What is a disc flower?

disc flower. n. (Botany) any of the small tubular flowers at the centre of the flower head of certain composite plants, such as the daisy. Compare ray floret.

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