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What are the different kinds of rest in music?

Rest duration is the timing of silence in a measure. It is the length of the pause in a piece of music. Different rest types are: whole rest, half rest, quarter rest, eighth rest, and sixteenth rest.

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Herein, what are the kinds of notes and rest?


  • Large (Latin: Maxima) / Octuple whole. note (or octuple note)
  • Long / Quadruple whole note (or. quadruple note)
  • Breve / Double whole note (or double. note)
  • Semibreve / Whole note.
  • Minim / Half note.
  • Crotchet / Quarter note.
  • Quaver / Eighth note. For notes of this length and shorter, the note.
  • Semiquaver / Sixteenth note.

Beside above, what is the symbol of rest? Description

American English British English Multiplier
Half rest Minim rest ?12
Quarter rest Crotchet rest ?14
Eighth rest Quaver rest ?18
Sixteenth rest Semiquaver rest ?116

Also to know, how many rests are there in music?

Each level of this tree of rests lasts as many beats as every other level. From top to bottom, this figure shows a whole rest, 2 half rests, 4 quarter rests, 8 eighth rests, and 16 sixteenth-rests.

What is a eighth rest?

eighth rest. [English] A pause or rest in a composition having the time duration of one eighth of the time duration of a whole rest. See more about notes and rests in the Appendix.

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