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What are the different types of hands?

Here we will discuss the seven major types of hands, which may again be subdivided into further categories.
  • The Elementary or Lowest Type:
  • The Square or Useful Hand:
  • The Spatulate or Nervous Active Type:
  • The Philosophic or Knotty Hand:
  • The Conic or Artistic Type:
  • The Psychic or Idealistic Hand:
  • The Mixed Hand:

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Likewise, what are the types of hands?

Square palm + short fingers = Earth hand. Square palm + long fingers = Air hand. Long palm + short fingers = Fire hand. Long palm + long fingers = Water hand.

what is the shape of a hand? Metal hands usually have square-shaped nails, palms, and fingers. The palms are soft, fleshy, and elastic. They can distinctly be identified by the thick base of the palms and uniform rectangular-shaped elongation towards the nails.

In this manner, what are the different types of fingers?

How the 5 Fingers Got Their Names

  • THUMB. iStock.
  • MIDDLE FINGER. iStock.
  • RING FINGER. iStock.
  • PINKY FINGER. iStock.

What is a fire hand?

The fire hand has a long palm and short fingers. People with this shaped hand tend to be active, outgoing and often extroverts. They are excitable and emotional. The lines in the palm are usually strong and well-defined and the hand may have a busy or vibrant feel to it. Fire types are energetic and action oriented.

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