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What are the four most common bases for departmentalization?

Departmentalization. There are four common bases for departmentalization. They include functional departmentalization, product departmentalization, customer departmentalization, and location departmentalization. Functional Departmentalization is the most common base for departmentalization.

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People also ask, what is the most common type of departmentalization?

The five types of departmentalization are: functional, product, customer, geographical and process. Most companies practice functional departmentalization. An example is the Production department, HR department, Accounts department, Marketing department and IT department.

Subsequently, question is, what are the basis of Departmentation? Departmentation means division of work into smaller units and their re-grouping into bigger units (departments) on the basis of similarity of features. As the organisation grows in size, the work is divided into units and sub-units. Departments are created and activities of similar nature are grouped in one unit.

Thereof, what are the four major ways to Departmentalize an organization?

Each of these structures provides different degrees of four common organizational elements: span of control, departmentalization, centralization, and decentralization.

  • Span of Control.
  • Departmentalization.
  • Centralization.
  • Decentralization.

What is departmentalization and its types?

Types of Departmentalization. Departmentalization results from the division of work and the desire to obtain organization units of manageable size and to utilize the managerial ability. Functional Departmentalization. Departmentalization by Territory. Departmentalization of the organization by customer group.

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