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What are the major parts of a chloroplast?

Two membranes contain and protect the inner parts of the chloroplast. They are appropriately named the outer and inner membranes. The inner membrane surrounds the stroma and the grana (stacks of thylakoids). One thylakoid stack is called a granum.

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Likewise, what are the main parts of a chloroplast?

The chloroplast has an inner and outer membrane with an empty intermediate space in between. Inside the chloroplast are stacks of thylakoids, called grana, as well as stroma, the dense fluid inside of the chloroplast. These thylakoids contain the chlorophyll that is necessary for the plant to go through photosynthesis.

One may also ask, what are the 5 parts of chloroplast? The chloroplast diagram below represents the chloroplast structure mentioning the different parts of the chloroplast. The parts of a chloroplast such as the inner membrane, outer membrane, intermembrane space, thylakoid membrane, stroma and lamella can be clearly marked out.

Thereof, what are the functions of the parts of the chloroplast?

Chloroplast. Chloroplasts are organelles found in plant cells and eukaryotic algae that conduct photosynthesis. Chloroplasts absorb sunlight and use it in conjunction with water and carbon dioxide gas to produce food for the plant.

What are chloroplasts made up of?

The chloroplast is made up of 3 types of membrane: A smooth outer membrane which is freely permeable to molecules.


  • Photosystem I which includes chlorophyll and carotenoid molecules.
  • Photosystem II which also contains chlorophyll and carotenoid molecules.
  • Cytochromes b and f.
  • ATP synthase.

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