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What are the prerequisites to successful tourism product development?

The range and quality of tourism resources, diversification , geographic concentration or distribution of tourism resources, supply and quality of human capital.

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Correspondingly, what is product development in tourism?

Tourism product development is the result of collaborative efforts of various stakeholders. It involves identifying all the stakeholders in private and public sectors, DMOs, Tourism and allied businesses, and their respective roles in creating or developing a part of a tourism product.

Also Know, why is there a need for tourism planning and development? Planning is important and should provide a quality environment for both tourists and residents. The planning process for tourism development is the same as in city or regional planning. Most problems involve policy decisions on alternative land uses for the health and welfare of the citizens. 17.

In this way, what is the relationship of tourism policy tourism planning and tourism product development?

Tourism Planning - is goal-oriented, striving to achieve certain objectives by matching available resources and programs with the needs and wants of people. 7. Tourism Product Development - focuses on development and provision of experiences, services and infrastructure that exceeds customer expectations.

What are the objectives of tourism?

To preserve and enhance local culture, art, handicrafts, monuments and other natural and man-made tourist resources and protect them from over-commercialisation and over-exploitation. To promote and ensure the respect and dignity of people in tourism, marketing and promotion of tourism.

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